Summer Resolutions and My Color Vowel Life

July 21, 2018 by admin

Not long ago, I bought my planner for the 2018-19 school year (yes, I still have one foot in paper-and-pencil planning world), and it occurred to me: summer is the teacher’s new year’s eve.

Whether you’re puttering around at home, traveling the world, or teaching summer courses, this between-years time is perfect for reflecting on the past school year, planning for the next one, and re-visioning what it means to teach with impact.

While you consider your ‘new year’s resolutions,’ here is the first of three (each with a fun summer action item!) that I’ll share over the next week or so.

Color Vowel Resolution #1:
Know your own English

We’re often so busy teaching English, it’s easy to forget the importance of noticingEnglish– the way you speak it.

Summer Action #1: “My Color Vowel Life”
Here’s a great way to rediscover your own spoken English while experiencing an activity you might try with your learners.

Complete this Color Vowel Organizer with your answers to the ten questions listed below.

Don’t forget to underline the stressed vowel letters and categorize the word by its stressed vowel sound. (See my own example as a model.)

  • What is your name? (first, middle, last)
  • What tastes and smells remind you of your childhood?
  • Whose names do you use (or think about) on a daily basis?
  • Name your parents, your siblings and other relatives.
  • Name your pets (both past and present).
  • What cities have you lived in? What sates? What countries?
  • What job titles have you held in your lifetime?
  • Which authors/ artists/ musicians/ people influence you most?
  • What is your favorite color? music? food? place? past time?
  • What words would your dearest friends use to describe you?

Done? Now reflect: Which Color Vowel category contains the greatest number of words? (Feel like sharing? Post your prominent Color and select words in that category in our Facebook group. I, for one, have a very RED DRESS life 🙂

Say all of the words in that one category aloud, using your open hand. This, for now, is the Color of your life.

Finally, ask yourself: how might this activity be adapted to use with your students next time you teach? How might students use their completed Color Vowel Organizer in getting to know one another?

What are your teaching resolutions for the year ahead? Reply to this email and share your ideas as I continue working on my remaining two!

Happy summer,

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