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ELTS offers high-quality educational products that support English language teaching for learner success in vocabulary development, oral proficiency, reading, and spelling.

If you are new to Color Vowel, we recommend you start your journey with one of our Get Started kits below, as these provide you with membership in our private teachers’ community in Facebook. Questions about the products below? Please contact us or call us at 716-256-3533.

Our Red Bubble Gallery is now Open!

Browse our Color Vowel-inspired merch and learning materials with options for international shipping!

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“Color it out! provides robust practice with all the challenging English sounds in a fun and interactive way. The fact that it also provides opportunity for independent practice is the cherry on top. Your card game is very comprehensive since it includes a wide array of problem sounds and the game settings make it fun; it does not feel like drilling although students get to repeat the words many times over. That’s why I love it!”
Judith Tomasson, Central New Mexico Community College
“The Color Vowel Approach is probably the most clearly written and concise teacher's guide I've ever read. Every word expresses how to use the method and why it works. Definitely a must-have for teachers just getting started with the Color Vowel Chart. I highly recommend it! ”
Liz Bigler, Bigler English Coaching
“I use "Color It Out!" with my IEP university students, particularly in my Speaking and Listening classes. After students are familiar with the Color Vowel Chart and the game, I often have them use the cards outside class, as well. I have one designated deck of "Color It Out" cards that I sign out to students so that they can play during their "Speaking Circle" groups. Both groups love it and say it's helpful!”
Austin Kauffman, ESL Instructor • Michigan State University • MI
“Color it out! was a HUGE HIT this week, when I used it in my Pronunciation class (low level) as well as my high level refugee class. Both skill levels loved it… in fact, in my high level refugee class, it was the end of class and I tried to put the game away, but they asked if they could please keep playing through their break! Also, it was at the high level that I really saw them puzzling over spelling, seeing the pronunciation/spelling in reality. They were surprised and intrigued.”
Shae Isaacs • CO
“My adult students LOVED playing and had a hard time getting back to “class” – “Another game, teacher?” I emailed Color Vowel with a question about the game, and they got back to me with a solution on the same day. Great service! Great game! Great possibilities for expansion!”
Dawn Saint • AL
“The Launch Pad is the tool that brings it all together. By reinforcing the relationship between the sounds of the words, rather than the spelling, learners begin to feel more comfortable speaking. The CV organizer lets them keep their own record of the sounds of words, especially new vocabulary words, and is a good tool to help them practice those sounds at home.”
M. Hoffman • OR
“The Color Vowel Launch Pad is the perfect jumping off point for my students! It clearly and efficiently revealed to them how English spelling doesn't match how words sound, and it provided them an easy way forward.”
Laura McIndoo • Central New Mexico Community College • NM
“Like a rocket launched, the Color Vowel Launch Pad is useful throughout various “stages,” as you return to it multiple times until the scaffolding is no longer needed. Other Color Vowel products pick up the payload to continue the learning journey!”
Linda Chang • MD
“The Launch Pad is a great tool for introducing the Color Vowel Chart!”
Jan McClellan • MO
“The launch pad is the perfect tool for teachers who are itching to use the Color Vowel Chart but have struggled to implement it into lessons. With the launch pad, the lesson is there, ready to go!”
Courtney King • CA
“Perfect for teachers who are new to using the Color Vowel Chart and who might need a little structured help in taking those first steps to making the Chart part of their curriculum. It’s also a convenient alternative for experienced Color Vowelists. This activity can be used to introduce the CVC concept to learners of just about any level.”
Jennifer Campion • VA
“The Color Vowel Launch Pad is an excellent introduction and graphic organizer to ensure smooth sailing for new learners.”
Carol Hodges (VA)
“Who doesn’t love card games? My middle school students find Color it out! extremely engaging and I find it a powerful tool to introduce and review complicated sounds and spellings in English. In fact, I used Color it out! to introduce my students to the Color Vowel Chart before ever "teaching" them about it. I found it a very natural point of entry for the Chart. Since then, we have been exploring additional ways to use the Color it out! cards, such as Dominoes and Go Fish. A fantastic, fun, and very powerful resource!”
Michael Connors, E.L. Haynes Middle School, Washington DC

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