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Spend an hour with Karen Taylor to discover what is missing in most ESL/EFL instruction. You’ll walk away with new strategies, tools, and opportunities for growth!

Our free webinar, Introduction to teaching ESL/EFL with the Color Vowel Chart, answers these key questions:

  • Why is spoken English so challenging to teach and learn?
  • Why is brain-based instruction necessary when it comes to learning a second language?
  • What is the Color Vowel Chart, and how does it work?
  • What does the Color Vowel Approach look like, in practical terms?
  • What activities and materials can I use right away in my classroom?
  • What’s the best way to get trained in the Color Vowel Approach?


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FREE WEBINAR: Introduction to Teaching English with Color Vowel®
April 17th, 2021: Saturday, 10-10:30 am ET

This is a ‘flipped’ event! Sign up now, and gain immediate access to a recorded presentation by Karen Taylor, co-author of the Color Vowel Chart. Then join Karen live to learn more about Color Vowel Basics and the journey that awaits you! Workshop discounts are be made available to you during the recorded webinar and in the live discussion.

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