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All Color Vowel® images, including the Color Vowel® Chart and our Color Vowel® Anchor Images are protected under Creative Commons licensing terms. Please take a moment to read the terms– they are actually very clear and helpful:  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Any materials you create with Color Vowel® images must include attribution (for example, in the footer of the document) as follows:

Color Vowel® [describe image] ©2020. Used with permission for educational purposes. 

Color Vowel® Training

We genuinely encourage you to share your enthusiasm and your experiences with the Color Vowel Chart and Approach! At the same time, we ask that you respect our work, our mission, and our livelihoods by recognizing the fine line between ‘introducing’ colleagues to the Color Vowel Chart/Approach and ‘training’ them in the specific techniques and language awareness that we have developed over the past 20 years and that are unique to our Color Vowel training courses and workshops.

ELTS is the exclusive Color Vowel training provider for individuals, schools and organizations. If you wish to train others on the Color Vowel Chart/Approach beyond a brief introduction, we encourage you to continue learning with us and to become a Licensed Color Vowel Trainer through our Color Vowel training program. As a Level 3 Certified and Licensed Trainer, you are eligible to offer workshops on behalf of ELTS or through your own organization with formalized agreement. Otherwise and in the meantime, you should refer your colleagues, school, and/or organization to request training services with us.


If you wish to include The Color Vowel® Chart or Color Vowel® anchor images in a commercial publication or other work for distribution, please contact us about commercial licensing options.

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