Bringing Families Together Through Language Play

May 23, 2016 by admin

When it comes to positive change, it’s all about connecting people, and that’s what the Color Vowel Chart is doing with teachers, children, and their families and Pueblo, Colorado.


When Pueblo City Schools program coordinator Kristyl Boies learned about the Color Vowel Chart at a conference in 2014, she knew what she wanted to do. Over the past two years, dozens of Pueblo teachers have learned to use the Color Vowel Chart as a daily tool for teaching phonemic awareness, early reading, and spelling to young learners and ESL students of all ages.

Last Friday, Kristyl and her teachers organized a Family Night for the school district.

Local organizations and Scholastic Books generously supported the event, where each child got to fill a bag with age-appropriate books for summer reading. The highlight?: Each family received their own set of Color Vowel Duo, and using her giant Duo cards, ELTS director Karen Taylor taught everyone how to play the game.


Color Vowel Duo bridges the gap between spoken and written English. It’s fun for everyone– native and non-native speakers of English, and children and adults. Children enjoy increased phonemic awareness disguised as fun, while adults get to explore a English spelling and sounds in ways that fascinate.


We’d like to thank Pueblo City Schools for inviting ELTS and the Color Vowel Chart to their Family Night. We can’t wait to see where Pueblo goes with language instruction!


Family Game Night

If you’d like to organize a Family Game Night or other community event featuring Duo, please complete this Form and receive a free download of Color Vowel Memory: People and Family. We’ll send you a link to our Connecting Community through Language Organizer’s Kit, which includes an outline for your event, a template for a bilingual (English-Spanish) event flyer, giant Duo cards with instructions, and bulk pricing options so that you, too, can introduce Duo to families and communities.

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